Icon to build Aston Martin ‘DB4GT Zagato Roadster’

The American company Icon is perhaps better known for its wonderful ‘retro’ 4x4s. From now onwards, though, it will also be famous for bringing a legendary design back into the limelight.

Ercole Spada, the stylist of the 1960s DB4GT bodied by Zagato, has penned a roadster version for Icon, running on modern Aston Martin V12 mechanicals but with the lines of the original very much apparent.

The styling sketch you see here shows a car in the spirit of the first DB4GT with curving, lightweight Zagato bodywork. Making it a roadster is an added twist on a well-known shape, and for those who say that removing the roof from such an iconic design is blasphemy, well, the laid-back Californians at Icon probably don’t really care.

It’s the shape that counts. And if anyone could make an up-to-date DB4GT Zagato Roadster, it's Spada, formerly Chief Stylist at the great Milanese coachbuilder, and responsible for many famous designs such as the series of SZ and TZ Alfa Romeos.

As with other Icon products, the latest car might look old but will certainly pack a 21st Century punch: 500+bhp should make the superlight roadster an extremely fast car.

Classic Driver will bring you further news of this exciting project in weeks to come.

Photos: Icon 4x4

Icon 4x4: www.icon4x4.com

Spadaconcept: www.spadaconcept.com

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