Gentleman’s Library: Le Corbusier - Furniture and Interiors 1905-1965

‘Le Corbusier – Furniture and Interiors’ offers an insight into the life and career of this extraordinary designer, a man who set many of the standards of contemporary living.

Gentleman’s Library: Le Corbusier - Furniture and Interiors 1905-1965

Le Corbusier’s ideas on functionalist utility, standardisation and modern furnishings are still, more than five decades after his death, strikingly persuasive and influential. After flipping through the pages of ‘Le Corbusier - Furniture and Interiors’, you can perhaps better appreciate the genius of this controversial figure who, over the years, has earned an almost cult-like following.

Meanwhile, the 400-page book is arranged in chronological order, to underline the evolution of Corbusier’s ideas over a period of many years. Corbusier-designed apartments and private homes are described in great detail with complementary images. Drawing upon previously unpublished material and new research, this extensive publication features everything from unique colour photography, to sketches and drawings by the architect – making it a visual journey into the mind of a true visionary.

However, the Swiss-born maestro didn’t want his work to be merely stylistic constructions: his aim in life was to fundamentally change the way we interact with buildings. Although strongly criticised for his vision for urban living, Le Corbusier’s comprehensive ideas still permeate many aspects of our everyday lives.

With his 125th birthday just around the corner, can you imagine a more appropriate way to celebrate than by curling up on the sofa, with a book devoted entirely to the designs of the modernist master? Ultimately, ‘Furniture and Interiors’ will provide you with much food for thought.

Photos: Scheidegger & Spiess

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