You’d never tell these shoes were designed by racers at Le Mans

So often automotive-themed clothing can seem little more than a marketing gimmick, offering little or no actual help when it comes to the fundamentals of driving. But when it comes to shoes, Piloti believes the right pair really does matter and thinks the proof is in the prototipo…

Do driving shoes matter?

Just because a pair of shoes has been designed to aid high-performance driving, it doesn’t mean it can only be worn while you’re at the wheel. Piloti’s range of casual driving shoes, spearheaded by the popular suede Piloti, certainly doesn’t scream motorsport, but its narrow and thin soles, along with the ‘Roll Control’ spherical heel — designed with the perfect heel-and-toe gearshift in mind — was honed by professional racers at Le Mans. Ultimately, that means that after a long and thoroughly enjoyable day behind the wheel — encompassing your favourite driving roads, of course — you can step straight from the car to the restaurant and no one will bat an eyelid. 

Photos: Piloti

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