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Vandel’s driving shoes channel the spirit of the gentleman racer

Much like driving gloves, driving shoes so rarely hit the mark. Thankfully, for driving enthusiasts who care as much about cutting a dash in the office as they do nailing the perfect heel-and-toe gearchange, Vandel’s made-to-order range can now be found in the Classic Driver Shop…

Comprising three pairs of shoes ranging from a casual low-topped sneaker to a more professional, motorsport-oriented high-top, Vandel’s stunning range is said to embody the spirit of the gentleman racer. Each pair is thoughtfully designed and beautifully hand-crafted from the finest Spanish hides, by Spanish artisans who founded their workshop back in 1969. And perhaps Vandel’s greatest trump card is that its shoes are made-to-order – from the moment an order is submitted via its website, four weeks of expert craftsmanship commences, resulting in shoes that are subtly unique to each wearer. We’re delighted that Vandel’s entire range can now be bought directly from the Classic Driver Shop. Our pick depends on the order of the day – if we were due to be hammering around a track all day in a lightweight special from the 1950s, the heavy-duty Iconic High in brown suede would be the ideal companion, but if a more casual drive with friends to a remote countryside pub was on the agenda, we’d plump for the Iconic Low in Burgundy. 

Vandel driving shoes in the Classic Driver Shop