Contact person: Álvaro Sahún
Madrid, Spain
At VANDEL, we believe in the essence of the gentleman driver. Everything we do is inspired by people who tried their luck at race driving regardless of their professional background, especially when there were risks awaiting at every turn. Seeking to embody all that character in a single product, we decided to create footwear that could be worn by a gentleman driver during a race at Le Mans before rushing to a work meeting with the boss or clients without ever needing to change his shoes. Beautifully designed items made of top-quality materials and with immaculate attention to detail, the subtle craftsmanship and logos will make sure the shoes say more about the man wearing them than about the brand itself. We believe in a different way of understanding fashion by combining it with a passion for racing.

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Vandel’s driving shoes channel the spirit of the gentleman racer

10 Items currently for sale

Iconic High - Deer LeatherESEUR 325
Iconic Medium - BrownESEUR 275
Iconic Medium - BlueESEUR 275
Iconic High - BrownESEUR 300
Iconic Medium - GreenESEUR 275
Iconic Low - BurgundyESEUR 250
Iconic Low - TaupeESEUR 250
Iconic Low - Washed BlueESEUR 250
Iconic Low - TerracottaESEUR 250
Iconic Medium - ChocolateESEUR 275