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Punkt pares back the mobile phone

Emails, selfies and status updates – does your mobile phone demand too much of you? Why not keep things simple with this stylish call-and-text-only handset from Swiss electronic design company, Punkt…

Said to limit distraction (which is ironic if you’re reading this on an iPhone), Punkt’s new MP01 is simple and stylish, two characteristics that historically haven’t exactly gone hand in hand when it comes to mobile technology. The phone’s minimal interface and limited functionality aims to place more emphasis on communication in the real, rather than the virtual, world. And while you’ll have to wait until you get into the office to check those emails, you won’t have to worry about pesky battery life or a shattered touchscreen. 

Photos: Punkt

The Punkt MP01 will be available just in time for Christmas. You can pre-order it here for CHF 329.00.