Piloti’s Mille shoes take you from the driver’s seat to the dance floor

For those who have a race at five o’clock and a dinner party at nine, a quick and efficient transition period is as crucial in the changing room as it is in the pit lane. With the Mille shoes from Piloti, you can shave valuable seconds, as they can easily be used for both…

Fashion forward

This mid-cut shoe has the sleekness, lightness, and smooth sole that is perfect for running laps in your classic car of choice, while its tumbled brown leather and tonal suede, with subtle red stitching inspired by racing shoes of the past, make it fashionable enough to be paired with a smart pair of trousers and dinner jacket — no doubt sparking fashion envy in all the other motorsport-minded party goers.

Photos: Piloti

Further information on the Mille Brown shoe, as well as the entire Piloti inventory, can be found in the collectables section of the Classic Driver Market.