Piloti’s Luxury range is perfect for the style-conscious classic driver

With its new Luxury footwear range, Piloti has fused high-performance driving technology with classic Italian style, perfect for the more style-conscious driving enthusiast…

Fusion footwear

The word Piloti in Italian means ‘drivers’, and all the company’s shoes are designed specifically with high-performance driving in mind – from the patented ‘Roll Control’ spherical heel (ideal for perfecting your heel-and-toe technique) to the advanced mid-sole cushioning that protects your feet for long stints at the wheel.

Professional racing drivers have sworn by Piloti’s shoes for many years, but its new Luxury range has been designed with classic style and comfort in mind. Handcrafted from Italian leather and suede yet retaining the biomechanical technology found in Piloti’s performance footwear, the Luxury range is just as suitable for the office as it is for the cockpit. And we think the brown leather Campione would look particularly suitable in the Goodwood Revival paddocks... 

Photos: Piloti

You can find more information about the whole Piloti range on its official website