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British icons collide in the new Belstaff x McLaren Collection

Verging on 100-years old, Belstaff is a pillar of the British fashion world, its most famous wearers including Che Guevara, Steve McQueen, and Amelia Earhart. Now, it’s teamed up with McLaren Automotive to create a genuinely collaborative ‘capsule’ collection…

More often than not, collaborations between automotive manufacturers and designer fashion labels are little more than logo-swapping marketing gimmicks. With McLaren’s new Belstaff ‘capsule’ collection, however, you really get the feeling both brands’ like-minded creative teams have sat down and knocked their heads together to create an elegant and well-resolved range of garments. Comprising 10 items of male outerwear and three female pieces crafted from innovative lightweight stretchable fabrics, the collection is said to “represent the pure distillation of what you need, made beautiful” and feature mesh ventilation, laser-cut seams, pivot armholes, concealed pockets, and minimal necklines. In-car comfort was apparently the key concern, though this being Belstaff, the pieces are more than capable of withstanding the elements when you eventually run out of road. 

Photos: McLaren Automotive

You can browse the entire Belstaff X McLaren ‘capsule’ collection here or, alternatively, track down your dream McLaren supercar in the Classic Driver Market.