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Bamford London’s new B80 watch represents heritage, modernity, and adventure

For 2023, Bamford London kickstarts the year with a watch that speaks to personalised luxury with the launch of the Bamford 80. Let’s take a closer look at the all-new timepiece…

Born from a celebration of Bamford London’s commitment to design language, the ever-popular watchmaker’s new B80 takes its name from the very home of its conception - 80 South Audley Street.

Championing a bold approach to watchmaking, the Bamford 80 assumes its identity as a companion for all, with three different classifications, all offering alternate dials and combinations.

For the B80 Heritage, two moods take centre stage: a sleek and traditional B80 Heritage titanium case - a nod to the classic traveller - with an authoritative black dial. The second wears a sporting aeronautical navy dial. Each colour is contrasted effortlessly with the o’clock numerals finished in a bright white.

Bamford offer two further styles, the B80 Modern and B80 Adventure. Both emphasise Bamford’s position as drivers of design in the watch world and are available in a variety of colourways that suit their intended themes to perfection. 

The entire B80 collection is now available within the CD Shop. Choosing just one is likely going to be the hard part!