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The 5 coolest sunglasses to match your classic convertible

Cars such as the Maserati Ghibli Spyder and the Jaguar XK-SS are among the most stylish classics out there. But did you ever see Steve McQueen or Paul Newman at the wheel without a pair of sunglasses? Here are the coolest shades for this summer…

Westward Leaning Dyad 3

Since founding in 2012, the California-based brand Westward Leaning has become an industry trendsetter with its wayfarer-style glasses. The new Dyad 3 comes with three clip-on lenses, each in a different colour. 

Garrett Leight Van Buren

If you’re beach-bound in your Porsche Speedster, a pair of Garrett Leight’s Van Buren shades is a necessity. The black lightweight frame can be folded, and carried in a small leather pouch. 

Oliver Peoples Executive I

In 1987, Oliver Peoples opened its first showroom on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. One of the minimalist brand’s most elegant sunglasses is the Executive I – a light pair crafted from Aceta and titanium by hand in Japan. They’re the perfect fit for your California Spider. 

Persol New 649

Persol’s most famous advocate was without doubt Steve McQueen. With the 649 series, the Italian brand has combined its retro aesthetics with its new design elements, meaning they’re the perfect pair to wear in your new Porsche 911 R or Ford GT. 

Mykita Bradfield

Hunting for the right sunglasses for your gold Bizzarrini or sky-blue Lamborghini? Then the Berlin-based label Mykita has got just the pair for you – the Bradfield. They’ve been bent and folded by hand, and are available in numerous colour combinations.