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F1 exhausts dream of being reincarnated as iXoost audio docks

Based in Modena, iXoost produces high-quality audio docks using recycled metal – namely exhaust manifolds from Formula 1 cars and other high-performance machines…

Modenese music

As you might expect, this type of craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap (the entry-level option will set you back €5,000), but that doesn’t seem to have put off early adopters. Since being founded in 2012, the majority of iXoost’s sculptures have been bespoke commissions – centrepieces have been sourced from a variety of different machines, including a Williams FW32, a Maserati MC12, and even a Cosworth DFV. But the customisation options don’t end there: you can also choose the materials, paint finish, connectivity options, and even the colour of the Allen bolts. Now you can enjoy your very own Modenese symphony without even having to leave your living room…

Further information can be found at the iXoost website.