Bugatti reinvents the legendary Cobra chair

Designed in 1902 by Carlo Bugatti – the furniture-designing father of Ettore – the Cobra chair soon became an all-time great. It’s now been reinterpreted for the 21st Century as part of Bugatti’s new Home Collection…

Cues old and new

Created by Italian architect Carlo Colombo under the guidance of Bugatti’s interior designer Etienne Salome, the new Cobra chair re-interprets the stylistic influences of the original seat-come-sculpture, with modern materials and brand cues that became established in later years. The 1902 Cobra became famous for its organic single-element design that incorporated a gap to allow coat-tails to hang freely; the 2016 model retains this signature cue, but adds the centreline actuation that became a hallmark of the Bugatti automobiles produced since, along with swathes of Cognac leather and a carbonfibre body structure painted in Blue Royale. It appears that the ergonomic comfort has been addressed in the 114 years between them, too.

Photos: Bugatti