This vintage Apple computer just sold for more than a Ferrari F40

One of the first Apple computers has been sold at auction in New York for a staggering $905,000, almost doubling its estimate. That's the equivalent of 1,800 iPads – or, indeed, a good example of a Ferrari F40...

World Record for an Apple computer

The ‘Apple-1’ was the first pre-assembled computer produced, soldered together by Steve Wozniak in the summer of 1976 in Steve Jobs' garage – thus triggering the personal computer revolution. During that summer, around 50 of these were hand-built for one of the first computer retailers in Silicon Valley. According to Bonhams, the record-breaking example is not only the most expensive Apple computer to be sold, but also the most expensive relic from the computer age – the final bid being from a representative of the Henry Ford Museum. For the outlay, the museum will receive a vintage keyboard, Sanyo monitor, custom power supply, two tape-decks, and a still-working motherboard with no less than 8kb of RAM.

Photos: Bonhams

Further information about the Apple-1 can be found here.