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This Venetian festival is a celebration of European craftsmanship

Is craftsmanship becoming so obsolete that robots will soon take over all manual work? Not at all, says the Michelangelo Foundation, and in order to prove it, the foundation has created the Homo Faber Festival in Venice to highlight all the wonders of European craftsmanship…

“Homo Faber is an expression that was first coined during the Renaissance and it captures and celebrates the infinite creativity of human beings,” explains Johann Rupert, co-founder of the Michelangelo Foundation and CEO of the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont. “The exhibit will provide a panoramic view of European fine craftsmanship, but it will nevertheless have a singular undercurrent: what human beings can do better than machines.” The Homo Faber Festival will be presented by the Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship from 14 to 30 September 2018 at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, located on the Venetian island of San Giorgio Maggiore.

With numerous exceptional specialists and artists set to demonstrate their skills to the public in the venerable rooms of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, the festival promises unique insights into the state of contemporary craftsmanship — from handmade jewellery and bicycles to nearly extinct artisan crafts. A team of designers, curators, and architects — including Michele de Lucchi, Stefano Boeri, India Mahdavi, Judith Clark, Jean Blanchaert, and Stefano Micelli — will give the exhibition extra appeal. Incidentally, the international architecture biennial will also be taking place in Venice at the same time — how many more reasons do you need to visit Venice next September?

Photos: Fondazione Giorgio Cini / Michelangelo Foundation / Laila Pozzo / S. Pozzoli / T. Bertelsen / Scarpelli Mosaici / M. Kesseler / Atelier Crestani / Alberto Parise

For more information on the Homo Faber Festival, visit the Michelangelo Foundation website.