Ten top car photographers to follow on Instagram

Is it possible to use Instagram while avoiding Kardashian selfies, craft-beer hipsters or half-eaten pulled-pork burgers? Yes, is the answer! Follow these 10 talented automotive photographers and everything will be fine…

Amy Shore

Since we discovered Amy Shore more than a year ago, the young British photographer has had an unprecedented career, repeatedly turning our heads with extraordinary photos. Her feeling for colours and composition is unique and we are very pleased that Amy has remained faithful to Classic Driver as an in-house photographer to this day. Follow @amyshorephotography

Rémi Dargegen

Whether at the Tour Auto, Mille Miglia or Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, Rémi Dargegen can't be overlooked. Easy to spot from his trademark beard and authentic 1940s outfit, the Parisian photographer is already a phenomenon – but even more impressive is his great eye for detail. Follow @remidargegenphotographies

Peter Aylward

The London photographer Peter Aylward has photographed all manner of architectural wonders, but his heart seems to beat especially strongly for classic cars. Follow Peter’s Instagram and immerse yourself in the world of historic racing, properly composed and skilfully filtered, of course. Follow @peteraylward

Laurent Nivalle

Rarely has a photographer’s style influenced the car scene in recent years as much as Laurent Nivalle. The Parisian photographer and Citroën Design Center art director has moved his focus – those who follow him on Instagram must also be interested in elegantly staged motorcycles and fashion. Follow @laurentnivalle

Alex Penfold

Alex Penfold is something like the ‘London Eye’ of the automotive scene. On Instagram, more than 230,000 followers from all over the world follow his daily snapshots from ‘Vroomtown’. From blue Ferrari F40s to all the latest hypercars, Alex has something for everyone. Follow @alexpenfold

GF Williams

London photographer GF Williams prefers to shoot modern big-game with his camera – LaFerrari, Porsche 918, Pagani Huayra and co. are his favourite targets. Whoever follows him at Instagram also gets an insight into the everyday life of a hypercar photographer. Follow @GFWilliams

Cool & Vintage

Lisbon isn't widely known as a capital of classic automobiles. The team at Cool & Vintage, however, not only post affordable and attractive classics, they have also set new standards of photo and video production. Follow @coolnvintage


The Instagram account of NYCars promises strange cars in strange places, and all in one specific style: cars can be seen only side-on, in profile. The project began in New York City, but now the photographer documents the street life of Singapore. Follow @nycars

Luke Gilbertson

Forget his 51,000 followers for a moment; London-based Luke Gilbertson is a photographer with an uncanny ability to ignite one’s passion for cars, all over again. Combining street-style candour with print-quality composition, Luke cruises into our top ten with ease. Obviously a keen Star Wars fan, his Instagram handle is certainly memorable… Follow @yournotmyfather

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