Snake and the Stallion: Re-released as a tribute to Carroll Shelby

With the loss of Carroll Shelby this year, it’s little wonder that Spirit Level Film, makers of The Snake and the Stallion, have come under pressure to re-release their superb DVD.

It depicts the true story of a bunch of Southern Californian hot-rodders – Shelby among them – who had the audacity to take on the might of Enzo Ferrari and his seemingly invincible GTO.

The film includes original race footage and interviews, plus reconstructions with the original Ferrari GTO, 250 SWB, Cobras and Daytona Coupé on the track.

“It's a wonderful, wonderful story and I’ve never seen anybody tell it better,” said Shelby himself. “I’m very proud to have been part of it.” Well, what more encouragement do you need to get yourself a copy of the DVD? How about this: Classic Driver readers can enter this code – CLASSICD – at the online checkout, which will deduct £5 from your purchase.

Video: Spirit Level Film


You can buy the film now at