Porsche prints the 24 minutes of Le Mans on vinyl

Using the set of tyres from the 919 Hybrid that crossed the line to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2017, Porsche has produced a record. Only 24 of the circa-200 discs produced will be made available to the public, via an online charity auction taking place next Sunday…

To produce the vinyl itself, the four tyres were shredded into tiny pieces and then pressed together again. On the record are audio recordings totalling 24 minutes in length, which recall each of Porsche’s 19 Le Mans victories and tell 24 special stories. Dr Wolfgang Porsche, for example, describes his impressions of Le Mans as a young boy while Chad McQueen recalls riding in his father Steve’s racing car around La Sarthe

Only 24 of the 200 vinyl records are available to the public. To this end, Porsche will launch an online auction this coming Sunday at the following link. The proceeds of the sale will go to Loisirs Pluriel, a Le Mans-based charity supporting disabled children throughout France. For those who are either reading this too late or simply don’t have a turntable, fear not – the entire 24 minutes of Le Mans can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer, among other audio platforms. 

Video: Porsche

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