Oh Vienna! Leica’s new limited edition marks Austrian store’s 25th birthday

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its store in Vienna, Leica has revealed a new limited-edition camera that’s sure to strike a chord with well-heeled photographers not just in Austria, but around the world…

Low-production luxury

Based on the M-A model, the ‘25 Years Leica Shop’ Edition features a grey hammer-tone body with a contrasting silver 50mm lens. Just 25 will be made, each with its individual number engraved on the body and priced at 30,000 euros. It’s a significant premium over a regular Leica, but you’ll be joining an owners’ club more exclusive than that of the Ferrari 250 GTO. 

Photos: Leica

More information on the  ‘25 Years Leica Shop’ Edition can be found here.