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Your old Polaroid camera could be worth a small fortune

From anachronistic electronic waste to expensive collectors items — numerous gadgets from the 1990s are currently in hot demand. Now, rare editions of the Polaroid camera are becoming so beloved that the cult camera brand has entered the vintage market…

Andy Warhol, the master of pop art, appreciated the Polaroid camera for its idiosyncratic aesthetics and its ability to develop images in seconds. And people now are continuing to appreciate not only the principle of the instant camera but also its aesthetic and name through the popular social media platform of Instagram, which is likely to have inspired Polaroid to issue new editions of its classic instant cameras. Depending on the condition and edition, the completely redesigned classic Polaroid cameras are offered at prices between 100 and 900 US dollars. The original pop art special editions from the late 1980s and 1990s are especially in demand, as these eras are currently seeing a revival. So, if you want to be really hip this summer, you should purchase a vintage Polaroid and its necessary instant film or, alternatively, search the attic of your parents’ house for their old Polaroid classic. Instagram and smartphone photos are totally 2017. 

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