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The new Leica M-D leaves you in the dark

Remember the times when you wouldn’t know if your holiday photos had turned out well until you’d had them developed? The new Leica M-D revives the feeling by dispensing with the preview display…

Not for amateurs 

Leica might have from analogue to digital, but that’s not to say it doesn’t want to reminisce about the good old days of film. The new Leica M-D takes a step back in time by removing the now ubiquitous preview screen, leaving you in the dark about whether your photos have turned out well. You’ll only know whether your manual technique has improved when you plug the camera into your computer at home. Oh, and if you’re used to working with JPG format images, you’d better pick up an idiot’s guide to digital photography – this Leica only shoots in DNG raw format. 

Photos: Leica