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Leica T: Small revolution in aluminium

It was 100 years ago that Leica changed photography forever, with its revolutionary compact cameras. Now, Leica has come up with an entirely new camera system, a camera crafted from a solid block of aluminium and designed in conjunction with Audi...

For some, this could be the most boring advert in the world – for others, it’s a visual delight: for a full 45 minutes, the camera captures a man in the Leica factory polishing (by hand) the aluminium housing of a new Leica T camera, milled from a single block of aluminium. The design is as minimalist as it is high-quality, while the aluminium lends tactile qualities you simply don’t get from other manufacturers. Even the operating system of the digital display on the back of the camera is reduced, simplificed, functional, as though Dieter Rams had personally overseen every step of its development.

Style and function aren’t mutually exclusive

At the heart of the new model is an APS-C image sensor with 16.5 megapixels. An innovation is the integrated Wi-Fi module that allows you to transfer images directly to a smartphone or computer, while remote control of the camera via a smartphone app is also possible. The Leica T will be offered in silver or black and will have its own series of lenses, with a zoom lens (18-56mm) and a fixed focal length (23mm). But by using an adapter, it's also possible to use the lenses of the professional Leica M models, "arguably the best 35mm lenses in the world". 

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