Jazz music and Seventies cars – the perfect match?

Funky and soulful jazz devoted to the cars of the Seventies? That’s our kind of music! ‘Cars’ is the debut, motoring-based album from groovy Danish jazz band, Elektrojazz…

You might remember a while back we posted a story on Classic Driver about Elektrojazz, a Danish jazz band basing its upcoming album on the evocative cars of the Seventies. Well, we’re pleased to say it’s finally arrived. Appropriately named ‘Cars’, each of the record’s songs is dedicated to a classic Seventies automobile. Delights include the Ferrari 308, Maserati Bora and Chevrolet Corvette, to name but three. It’s remarkable how each laid-back, mellow tune so aptly fits its chosen car. Naturally, Elektrojazz is a Classic Driver kind of band. We won’t think twice about sticking a copy of ‘Cars’ in the glovebox, ready to make the next long-distance trip that little bit more enjoyable.

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