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Heidi’s Maserati: Lycra on Italian leather

How do you capture the attention of the U.S. market? By appearing in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, of course. With some assistance from Heidi Klum, Maserati’s latest offerings occupy no fewer than seven pages of the legendary magazine’s anniversary issue…

Despite sporting some rather fetching curves of their own, the new models from Maserati wouldn’t have made it into the famous annual edition on their own merit. The company’s marketing department thus employed the services of Heidi Klum – a Sports Illustrated veteran, having graced the cover back in 1998 – to swing a multi-page spread. We’re sure they managed to overlook her inadvertent scratching of the carbonfibre centre console with her iPhone, even considering that the stateside marketing budget must by now also have a dent in it: before collaborating with Klum, Maserati spent big to secure the Ghibli a spot during the Super Bowl ad breaks.

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