'Glamping' at Goodwood: Pop-up hotels for Revival

With so much going on at this year’s Goodwood Revival, visitors will hardly have time to sleep. But when it’s time to hit the hay, what could be more convenient than a cozy accommodation option in the very heart of the Goodwood Estate?

With all the Revival camping slots selling out weeks ago, and a great many historic car enthusiasts yearning to spend the whole weekend at the circuit, a new and intriguing sleeping solution was exactly what was called for. For the very first time at Goodwood, an exclusive pop-up hotel is available for visitors, offering a five-star twist to traditional camping.

The idea of camping out doesn’t appeal to everyone: insects, smelly sleeping bags and leaking tents – for a lot of people, their first ever camping adventure often becomes their last. However, with ‘glamping’ - or glamorous camping - you can still enjoy the thrill of sleeping under canvas, while the amenities found at the mobile establishment go beyond anything you would expect from an ordinary campsite. ‘Glamping’ is all about luxury accommodation with an outdoorsy feel - in other words, no more sleeping in wet, muddy fields or taking cold showers.

'Glamping' at Goodwood: Pop-up hotels for Revival

The luxury camping hotel at this year’s Revival is neatly tucked away in an excellent spot, right next to the track, putting the guests in pole position to watch all the races and activities taking place. All pop-up rooms feature full linen and towels, LED lighting and exclusive access to new showers, a changing room and even a make-up salon fully equipped with hairdryers and all the necessities needed to help guests get that authentic rockabilly look of the period. If even this isn’t exclusive enough for you, the ‘Tenthouse’ suite offers more luxury still.

With the Freddie March Trophy race set to take place at dusk on Revival Friday, along with live music, entertainment and activities each evening, few visitors will want to put their feet up for long but, for those few much-needed hours of sleep, the pop-up retreat could be the perfect pit stop.

The 2012 Goodwood Revival takes place from 14-16 September.

Photos: Goodwood

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