Fender’s ’57 Custom amps are the perfect partner to your vintage Stratocaster

Is your vintage Strat or Telecaster merely gathering dust in silence? Fender’s nostalgic range of re-issue ’57 Custom Tweed Series amps may be the perfect counterpart, both in terms of substance and style…

Harmonically rich

A staple of mid-century design, Fender’s tweed amps are revered by music connoisseurs the world over for their classic, harmonically rich tone and timeless style. The nostalgic re-issue ’57 Custom Tweed Series range is topped by a hand-wired ‘Pro-Amp’ that is said to replicate that tone, with ‘rich, sparkling clarity and creamy overdrive when turned up’. For those without the time to spend sourcing the right vintage example, the re-issue range – which starts at 999 US dollars – is the perfect compromise. And even if you’re a collector but not a player, this amp is going to look just right sat next to the vintage guitar in your lounge or office – handy for when Eric Clapton pops by for tea. 

Photos: Fender