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Coolnvintage are dropping their first book with us – and it’s amazing

Our friends from the Coolnvintage dream factory in Lisbon are releasing their first book. The uber-cool and strictly-limited collectors edition book is now launching exclusively in the CD Shop. So better be quick and grab a copy before they are all sold out.

If there’s someone to blame for the global Land Rover hype of the last decade, it’s Coolnvintage. Established in 2012, the restoration workshop, restomod dream factory, and creative think tank from Lisbon, Portugal has reimagined the rugged and relentlessly elegant icon of industrial design – turning it into the ‘It car’ of the new millennium. «The Land Rover is a purpose-built vehicle that combines essence and appearance. It is raw, beautiful, honest, and tough”, says Coolnvintage founder Ricardo Pessoa. “It’s simplicity at its finest.” Preserving the car’s timeless qualities while giving them a highly creative and contemporary twist, the Land Rovers remixed by Coolnvintage are highly desired archetypes of a laid-back lifestyle of surfing, travelling, and the art of being on the road.

Now Coolnvintage are publishing their first book – and we are proud to offer it for exclusive pre-order in the new CD Shop. The 264-page engraved linen hardcover coffee table book titled ‘365’ is an artful documentation of the year 2020 through the eyes of Ricardo Pessoa and the Coolnvintage crew. “The book is a collection of travels – as from day one we felt that Land Rovers need to be driven”, says Ricardo. Following the brand’s highly aesthetic style, the reader is taken on an off-road trip from the Azores – where the team worked on a new film with Hollywood director and photographer Sinuhe Xavier and rode out the pandemic – to Mykonos and Morokko. Coolnvintage’s «365» is also a celebration of the company’s milestones like a Mattel Matchbox collaboration and the Art Chassis Defender handpainted by Vasco Costa that was used by the Land Rover marque when launching the New Defender. “It was a huge milestone for us to be recognised by Land Rover. After all, our work is an tribute to that brilliant design and to the brand. We only add a small twist so they are as appealing today as they were in 1948”.

Limited to just 1,000 copies and delivered in an engraved matt black box assembled by hand, the new Coolnvintage book is a collectors’ item that should be part of every well-curated automotive library and – as global shipping starts in early December – every Landy lovers’ Christmas wish list. You can now pre-order Coolnvintage’s book “356” exclusively in the CD Shop.  So grab a copy while they last.