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Classic Driver on two wheels at the Anjou Vélo Vintage 2014

Once a year, thousands of cyclists take to the banks of the Loire River to take part in a vintage bike extravaganza. Photographer duo Lucile Pillet and Rémi Dargegen attended this year’s gathering on behalf of Classic Driver…

A century of cycling

Over two summer days, Saumur – a small historic town 100 kilometres south of Le Mans – is transformed into a ‘paradise of the boneshaker’ for the Anjou Vélo Vintage. Cyclists from across the Continent (and beyond) bring their vintage bicycles and matching outfits to celebrate a glorious epoch, in which the primary mode of transport had two wheels – and basketfuls of baguettes and champagne attached to each end. Much like London’s Tweed Run, men with artfully twirled moustaches and three-piece suits admire women with airy floral dresses as they gather with their 20th Century velocipedes, Penny Farthings and fashionable fixies.

The most beautiful streets of Anjou

Four tours of varying lengths and difficulties cover the ancient province of Anjou’s most beautiful routes, with stops along the Loire to sample the products of the local vineyards (or take a nap in a meadow of flowers).

Ooh Loire Loire

Our pair of Classic Bikers, French photographers Lucile Pillet und Rémi Dargegen, were on hand to photograph this wonderful journey back through time, and reluctantly test the local tipple when required. Vive la bicyclette!

Photos: Lucile Pillet und Rémi Dargegen for Classic Driver

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