Classic Driver Christmas Staff Pick – Tim Hutton

Each week we ask team members and close friends of Classic Driver to pick their favourite Christmas presents from the Classic Driver Shop. Here’s what Tim Hutton, our Managing Editor, suggests.

The automobile always awakens my romantic side and so often I am drawn to classical items. When I start my daily look through the Classic Driver Shop it is nearly always items that have a period style that I am drawn to. Here is my selection of ‘must have’ Christmas items, I hope somebody is listening!

Everyone always chooses the Porsche 917, but to me the Ferrari 512S is the prettier car and the sound of that V12 engine is unrivalled. So, the Amalgam model of the 512S is my first choice. My fashion – if you can call it that – is all over the place. One minute I will be wafting along in my MkII Jaguar wanting to wear a luxurious Mason & Sons, Motoluxe Chocolate Teddy Bear Coat the next I will be imagining popping to the shops in my 997 wearing an Automobili Amos tshirt. Blue is my preferred colour, just in case you’re wondering!

Adorning my car keys will be the Mechanists F40 keyring, I don’t have the funds for a real one, and this is a nice reminder of that! One last car accessory, the Hanhart Addition Timer Mega Minute, ideally a pair, mounted on the dash of the Jaguar! I have lusted after a set for some time and the style of these is just perfect.

Back home, cars are always on my mind and this is the dream scenario of a perfect evening. Once I have slipped into my Duke and Dexter, Bullish blue loafers I will sit down with an old fashioned and a cigar. Of course, I will need an ashtray and my current temptation is Larusmiani’s blue ‘Crouching Tiger’ example. Hand painted in Milan and made from the finest Limoges porcelain.

Then it’s time to relax further, perhaps a game of Dominos. Pickett London offer a superb set, finished in a range of leather colours. There’s one final request, one of Automobilist’s fine large prints. Specifically, ‘The Queen of the Steering Wheel’, featuring Eliska Junkova in her yellow Bugatti. For me it evokes wonderful memories of Angouleme and the Circuit des Remparts with good friends. Watching Grégory Ramouna slide his way around the tricky street circuit in his iconic yellow Type 35. Sadly, we lost Grégory earlier this year, so this image is a nice reminder of the great memories I have. Why not make your own Christmas list from the Classsic Driver Shop?


Photo: Jay McLaughlin