The Queen of the Steering Wheel - Artwork - Large Print Unframed


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Eliska Junkova is rightly considered to be one of the greatest women racing drivers of all time. Imagine how the man’s world of racing reacted back in 1928 when Eliska, better known as Elizabeth Junek, finished fifth in the 1928 Targa Florio road race, having led for much of the route. It was an incredible achievement by an incredible woman. She tackled the event with a level of professionalism hardly ever seen before. She turned up in Sicily, one month before the race’s due start date and actually walked the entire 108 kilometres of the course. Daily practice laps were the order of the day with a local expert beside her and she gradually learned the course, putting her own chalk markers on walls and posts to indicate particular hazards. By the time race-day came round, her car had taken quite a beating putting in all the practice laps, but Bugatti delivered a brand new T35B in her black and yellow livery for the race itself!