Brave Classics builds bicycles for wine connoisseurs

Have you been looking for a secure way of carrying your bottle of Château Petrus during a Sunday afternoon bike ride? Then you’re likely to approve of the vintage bicycles being produced in Germany by a company called Brave Classics…

The bespoke, bottle-carrying bicycle

Those who spend their Sundays squeezed into Spandex shorts, astride a carbonfibre bicycle, might not fully understand the point of the nostalgic two-wheelers from Brave Classics. But for style-conscious gentlemen who consider their steed to be as much a fashion statement as a means of transport, they could be just the ticket. “Our bikes offer not only optimum riding comfort, but can also be custom-built on request,” explains managing director Peter Lechner. “The colour palette of course includes traditional shades such as brown, beige and white, but also statement colours like bright pink and lime green.” There are also numerous accessories with which you can give your mount the full personalisation treatment, including leather saddlebags and the aforementioned wine holder. Sounds to us like the perfect excuse for a leisurely ride to your local winery.