Winning ain’t easy… unless your name’s Gerry Marshall

Crowd-pleaser Gerry Marshall (1941-2005), was one of the most successful and popular racing drivers of all time, winning more than 600 races in a career that spanned 50 years…

Well known for his exuberant, tail-out style, Marshall believed that winning simply wasn’t enough: he was determined to entertain the crowd and enjoy himself while doing it. In this fabulous Duke video ‘Winning Ain’t Easy’, Marshall is seen racing the near-500bhp V8 Vauxhall Super Saloon ‘Baby Bertha’ at Oulton Park in 1976, doing just that.

“It gets very light over the brow here, watch it!”

Later in the video, joining Marshall in-car, the period soundtrack is supported by fantastic voice-over commentary, leaving you in no doubt of his imperious car control and legendary character. Hugely popular among spectators and his fellow competitors, Gerry Marshall died of a heart attack at the wheel of a Camaro at Silverstone. He is often listed among the greatest drivers of all time.