What are your top five greatest Porsches?

In a new series of short films, Porsche’s historical archive manager, Dieter Landenberger, will open the doors to the company’s secret collection and explore five of the wildest, loudest, fastest, and most outstanding sports cars from its illustrious back catalogue…

The great German songbook

From the ultra-rare 356 America Roadster and the outrageously fast 935/78 ‘Moby Dick’ to the motorsport-derived 924 Carrera GTS and the cutting-edge electric Mission E, Porsche’s history is studded with some truly great cars. Now, the Stuttgart giant is delving into its archives and taking a closer look at some of its greatest hits in a series of short videos that are due to air in the coming weeks. The debate is raging in the Classic Driver office this morning as to which five Porsches would make our shortlist, and we suspect it shall do for the rest of the day. 

Photo / Video: Porsche

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