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Watch us chat with Achim Anscheidt, Bugatti Design Director, on Classic Driver Live

Achim has been working for Bugatti since 2004, initially involved in with the Veyron and then spending ten years developing Chiron. He is also a Porsche aficionado and has a fascinating past as a motorcycle stunt rider. This week Classic Driver Live chats with Achim Anscheidt.

It’s clear that for Achim Anscheidt this isn’t just a job. Design director for Bugatti for 16 years, he designed the formidable Chiron - the world’s most luxurious hyper car. His passion for Bugatti runs far deeper than the modern times, at present he continues to restore his own Bugatti Type 35, arguably the brands most iconic vehicle in its rich history. In his spare time, he has also built himself a lightweight Porsche 911 to enjoy at the weekends and when he can, travels to work in a Golf GTI. With a father who was a successful motorcycle racer, Achim’s early years were filled up wowing crowds with his amazing skills on a motorbike. But his love for design and freehand drawing shone through and he began studying automotive design. We are very happy to welcome Achim Anscheidt to Classic Driver Live this week. Follow us live on Instagram on November 17th at 7pm CET. Alternatively watch the recording afterwards on our IGTV channel or in this article.