Two supercars and an SUV – Aston Martin reinvents itself at Geneva

Aston Martin’s product onslaught is showing no sign of letting up – the British marque has just revealed three stunning show cars at Geneva: the Lagonda All-Terrain Concept, the AM-RB 003, and the Vanquish Vision Concept…

First up there’s the All-Terrain Concept, the second car we’ve seen under the banner of Aston Martin’s new luxury all-electric brand Lagonda, following the Vision Concept that was revealed in Geneva last year. This sleek and futuristic SUV is a ‘near future study’ that’s said to tease the first production Lagonda, which is due to be built at Aston’s new St Athan plant in Wales from 2022. Aesthetically, the car takes cues from the world of luxury superyachts. Our favourite feature is probably the key, which levitates between the two front seats thanks to the use of electromagnets. Magic. 

Aston recently teased the Project 003, its third mid-engined supercar built in collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, following the Valkyrie and the Valkyrie AMR Pro. It’s billed as a ‘distillation’ of the Valkyrie rather than a ‘dilution’ – just 500 will be built, utilising a new in-house hybrid turbocharged V6 and next-generation aircraft morphing technology. The latter, which has been validated by NASA and has never before been used in the automotive world, will take the shape of a variable aerofoil spanning the entire rear wing. The bulk of the downforce is still produced from beneath the car, though Aston says more concessions have been made for road use. 

Aston’s big surprise for Geneva, however, was the Vanquish Vision Concept, a sensational hint at what its production mid-engined supercar might look like. This car is more softly styled and, arguably, prettier than the AM-RB 003, though it’s also fitted with a new turbocharged V6 engine. There’s no carbon-fibre construction here, but rather a new bonded aluminium platform. Could this be the Aston Martin to finally step into the supercar ring with Ferrari and McLaren? 

Photos: Aston Martin Lagonda

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