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These two TVR Griffith 200s could not be more different

With its 289 Ford V8 under the bonnet, ‘mini but mighty’ could be one way to describe the TVR Griffith 200. Belgian Classic Driver dealer Albion Motorcars is currently offering two of the tiny Anglo-American sports cars for sale, a duo which could hardly be more different…

Eight cylinders and just 3.6 metres long

Each of the 192 TVR Griffith 200s built left the Blackpool factory in England as a modified Grantura chassis, before being shipped off to Jack Griffith’s engine shop in New York. Once there, a socking great 4.7-litre small block Ford V8 (much like the unit powering the famous AC Cobra) was shoehorned under the bonnet, earning the Griffith 200 the title of ‘Factory Hot Rod’. If you really wanted to hear and feel power, then this was the car to have. The daring combination of immense power (around 200HP), low weight and extremely short wheelbase meant that this car was feared and respected in equal measure. 

Those brave enough to try to tame this mini-beast should head to the Belgian Classic Driver Dealer Albion Motorcars, where there's the opportunity to acquire two very different Griffith 200s. The older example from 1964 was converted into a racing car in 1965 and is in completely original condition, having had just one owner from new. In the last 12 months, it’s undergone a mechanical renovation to make it eligible for historic racing. Griffith number two, however, is from 1965 and has been totally restored, according to Koen Poschet from Albion Motorcars. In fact, he suggests it might just be the best example in the world. High praise indeed. 

More information regarding these TVR Griffith 200s can be found in the Classic Driver Market.