These cars will help you endure a Warsaw winter

While not the all-terrain SUVs that will plough through a couple feet of snow, the cars from Ardor Auctions’ Winter Sale will give you such warm, fuzzy feelings you won’t even notice the temperature dropping outside…

With December creeping up on us, most cars are starting to be tucked up in their climate-controlled garages for hibernation, staying fresh and warm for the spring season, when they can hit the roads again. But Warsaw-based auction company Ardor Auctions believes cars can be used all-year round and is offering a handful of examples for sale on 2 December to beat your seasonal blues — winter tyres not included. Whether you’re a fan of the three-pointed star, see the Koenig-modified Mercedes 560 SEC (est. 26,000–28,000 euros), or the red, white, and blue, such as the Ford Capri 1600 GT (15,500–19,000 euros), Ardor Auctions has the car to beat your winter blues. The entire Ardor Auctions Winter Sale catalogue can be found in the Classic Driver Market. Alternatively, you can find our top 10 examples below.

Our 10 favourite cars to beat your winter blues