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    Original Condition
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    86 PS / 64 kW / 85 BHP
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Ford Capri was supposed to be the European equivalent of the Mustang. Works on the project were entrusted to both the German and British Ford divisions. The result was a very neat rear-wheel coupe with a wide range of engines and options. A strategy that allowed customers to set many parameters on their own was a key to the success of the car. Already at the price of a regular "passenger car", you could buy a sporty-looking car, although the performance did not always go hand in hand. Capri proved to be a great success, and for a long time it was one of the most popular European cars in its segment. Particularly it was popular among younger drivers. The presented Ford Capri 1600 GT is from 1972. The car was in the hands of a single owner in Switzerland, who checked it out several years ago and kept it in a warm and dry garage. Car was brought to Poland in 2015. The new owner immediately started the process of restoring the car to almost factory state. The body did not require any major repairs, only minor defects on the sills and in the floor were welded in a professional manner. The body of the car is still covered with first paint. As for the exchange the original rear bumper was purchased, because the previous one was damaged, as well as the cover of one of the lamps. The interior is complete and in perfect condition. The only restoration was to re-trim the leather of the steering wheel. The GT version features a six-meter counter and a central tunnel clock. The only modification made by the owner is the installation of a new stainless steel exhaust system. The car has also gone through a full mechanical service and replacement of components, also has new tires. Even such tastes as the set of special glazing for the GT version and the regeneration of additional headlights were even tried. The car is accompanied by full documentation including: operating manual, service book for up to 2000s, invoices and results of exhaust emissions. Ford Capri in this state is a real rarity, even more with a confirmed history and after such a thorough repair.

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