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These are the most beautiful beach cars for a perfect summer

For a successful summer in the Mediterranean, not only house and yacht are required but also a small yet elegant car to commute between the harbour and the hacienda…

Aristotle Onassis had one, as did Grace Kelly, and, of course, Gianni Agnelli, who wanted to belong to the haute volée in the 1960s, never let himself be seen without his beach-ready vehicle on the coast of the Italian or French Mediterranean. With their roofs chopped off, doors removed, and light basket seats, these compact summer cruisers were ideal for commuting between the summer house, beach, and marina. Often Fiat's 500 and 600 models were the basis for the conversions, especially the ‘Jolly’ models that are legendary and highly sought after today. In the Classic Driver Market, we have found some holidaymakers which are sure to steal the show in the harbour of Camogli or St. Tropez, even when next to a California Spider.

Wonderful beach fun for the perfect summer