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These 10 perfect Ferrari SF90s are for sale. Which would you pick?

The Ferrari SF90 has it all: jaw-dropping looks, hair-raising performance, and undeniable prestige. Now that the hybrid V8 hypercar hunter has been around for a few years, you can skip the waiting list with some of the amazing examples for sale in the Classic Driver Market!

Ferrari were clearly way ahead of the curve when they unveiled the SF90 at the end of 2020, because it’s taken almost four years for Lamborghini to come up with an answer to Ferrari’s hybrid V8 hypercar-killer in the form of the Revuelto. In that time, a plethora of fantastically-specced SF90s have hit the Classic Driver Market, meaning you can skip the waiting list and roll out of a dealership in a showroom-fresh prancing horse tomorrow if you felt like it. We would certainly give two thumbs up to anyone thinking of doing so, especially after experiencing the SF90’s rocket ship acceleration and physics-defying cornering ability around the Goodwood Motor Circuit last year. So, if you like your horsepower figures in the four digits, we’ve found 10 fabulous Ferraris just for you! 


Experience the might of a 1000hp Ferrari in one of these SF90s: