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These 10 limited-edition Porsches are for sale. Which would you pick?

The Classic Driver Market is brimming with limited-edition Porsches, from the reborn 935, to the 991-based Speedster, to the manual, rear-wheel drive Sport Classic. We’ve hand-picked 10 of our favourites below!

Car makers aren’t afraid of a low-volume limited edition, and over the years, Porsche have created some of our favourites. These are cars that possess all the many lovely traits of their common-or-garden cousins, but boast wild and expensive options, exclusive mechanical components, and even totally different bodywork. Recently we’ve fallen in love with the 992-gen 911 Turbo-based Sport Classic with its ducktail and manual gearbox, but that hasn’t diminished our lust for the likes of the track-only 935, or the 991-gen GT3-based Speedster to name a few. So, with so many fantastic limited-edition Porsches in the Classic Driver Market, we’ve selected 10 of our favourites to see if any take your fancy. Take a look below! 


These are our 10 favourite limited-edition Porsches: