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Step into the McLaren of tomorrow

McLaren has gone back to basics with its 675LT JVCKenwood concept, built in collaboration with the Japanese electronics giant, and is aiming to minimise the driver-focused interior…

Gone are the dashboard and entire centre console from the regular McLaren 675LT, replaced instead with... well, nothing really. All the essential driver’s instruments and displays are located on the racing steering wheel, itself borrowed from the P1 GTR, with a fighter-jet-inspired HUD on the windscreen. Said head-up display is one of a number of clever technological innovations on the car, claimed to considerably reduce eye movement while driving. It’s a sparse affair and, if it weren’t for the flashes of ‘Calypso Orange’ leather and trim, it would look quite plain indeed. On the outside, changes are minimal – most notable are the aerodynamic electric wing mirrors that, in conjunction with the ‘Digital Rear View Mirror’, effectively reduce blind spots. The 675LT JVCKenwood concept can be seen at CES in Las Vegas until 9 January 2016. 

Photos: McLaren

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