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A road trip across South America by Land Rover Defender

Who hasn’t dreamed of jumping in their favourite classic car and heading off on a road trip across the stunning landscapes of South America? Munich-based filmmaker Vincent Urban and two friends did just that – and documented their experience in these glorious short films…

Through wild South America

“In early 2012, we started a journey to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil in our old and rusty Land Rover,” explains Urban. With their digital cameras and other equipment stored in the 110’s voluminous rear, Urban and his travel companions Stefan Templer and Clemens Krüger set off across South America. Thanks to them, you can now experience the diversity of South America in less than six minutes – with sprawling deserts, bustling cities, undisturbed nature... and plenty of wind.

Untamed winds

If you were ‘blown away’ by Vincent’s videos, his Vimeo channel has several more high-quality ‘road movies’, including Oman, Turkey, Morocco, Thailand, and New England.

Videos: Vincent Urban

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