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Racers rejoice! The Porsche 911 GT3 R rennsport is here and ready for the track

Freshly launched at this year’s Rennsport Reunion held at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Porsche’s latest track-only offering celebrates the brand’s rich history in motorsport.

If you’ve ever found yourself desperate for a track-focussed 911 that draws key inspiration from the bonkers and yet oh-so successful 935 racers of the past, you’re in luck. Based on the new 911 GT3 R of the current 992 generation, this limited-edition tracktool is the result of a design-led approach, benefitting from the technical freedom that go beyond motorsport regulations. 

If you want one, it’s not going to be tricky, as just 77 examples will be produced. Those who are lucky enough, though, can admire the distinctively designed body, combining the powerful appearance of a high-performance competition car with modern design elements. While it looks firmly at the present and future of the Porsche brand, it also represents their motorsport history, one that is steeped in glory and triumph. 

Performance factors of the original GT3 model, such as air resistance and aerodynamic downforce remain largely untouched. As a thoroughbred racing car, the form of the 911 GT3 R rennsport continues to follow function – but it does that in Porsche’s typically refined and effortlessly stylish way. 

As over 80,000 Porsche lovers descent onto the iconic Laguna Seca circuit this weekend, us back home can still admire Porsche’s latest and greatest, seemingly pushing the limits of the 992-generation 911 to uncharted territory. As we ogle at the sharp edges and contours, we can’t but think how good would this look sporting a Jägermeister or Apple livery?