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Outlast the apocalypse with this perfectly beige Toyota Hilux

Whether you’re a doomsday-prepper or not, this legendary Toyota Hilux is the perfect bulletproof off-roader to pass down through the generations. No matter what happens on planet Earth, this Hilux is almost guaranteed to keep on trucking.

If the number of wealthy YouTubers building underground bunkers in their backyards is anything to go by, the global apocalypse should be somewhere around the corner. This sparked our inner doomsday-preppers in the Classic Driver office, so we started considering which car would be the ultimate end-of-the-world daily. Of course, we quickly came to one conclusion: the nigh-on-indestructible Toyota Hilux. It just so happens, this beige beauty is currently available on the Classic Driver Market. 

Since rolling off the production line in 1983, this Toyota Hilux 4WD SR5 for sale with Garagisti has been impeccably maintained, giving it an edge over its already-bulletproof, but often well-used brethren. The second thing to note is its mileage; while most examples of the Hilux will have covered enough miles to travel to the moon and back (several times) this example shows just a smidge over 100,000 km, which in Hilux terms makes it practically brand new. 

Its original paintwork seems to be in excellent condition, as do the wonderfully-1980s sepia-toned side decals. Under the hood, you’ll find Toyota's legendary 2.4-litre inline-four cylinder engine, whose reliability could be compared to that of our sun, while factory-installed air-conditioning will help keep you cool long after the oceans have dried up. All jokes aside, if you’re looking for a car that simply will not stop, the Toyota Hilux is considered the paragon of reliability for a reason, and this wonderfully-specced example provides the added bonus of being seriously stylish too!