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Only white sports cars were allowed on this rally in Sardinia

The Costa Smeralda in northern Sardinia is most famous for the emerald-like color of the Mediterranean. At the Fuori Concorso Sardinia on the Road, a line of snow-white sports cars made its way through the wilderness - and even the weather played along.

Back in February 2020, just a few days before the world entered into its first lockdown, the inaugural Fuori Concorso on the Road saw a convoy of white collector's cars snaking its way through the California desert. Fast-forward to last October when the Fuori Concorso team curated a collection of turbo-charged supercars for a tour through northern Italy. And then last weekend, the third edition of the unusual road rally series took place - this time on the spectacular roads of Sardinia. And once again, only pure white sports cars were invited to join.

The creative mind behind the thematically curated Fuori Concorso events and rallies is Guglielmo Miani - President of the Italian fashion brand Larusmiani and an automobile enthusiast with extremely eclectic tastes. During the winter months in his villa on the Costa Smeralda, he explored the country roads of the island at the wheel of his Porsche 993 Turbo - and discovered not only wonderful curves through pristine coastal and mountain landscapes, but also some very special places that would remain hidden from most visitors to Sardinia.

Maybe you spotted some of the extraordinary sports cars passing through Italy last week, heading towards their destination of Sardinia. The cars included numerous exceptional Porsches: In addition to the white and red Turbo from the Larusmiani stable, there was also a Porsche 930 Turbo that Christian Hembry from Messina Classic had driven to the island, as well as two 997s - a GT3 RS and a GT2 RS - and a 993 GT2 as the star of the Porsche show. Edo Schön from Rosso Corsa in Milan had traveled to the beach in a cream-colored Ferrari 400i, while the team from Sportgarage in Nuremberg increased the current buzz around ‘90s Maseratis with a gorgeous white shamal. The big eye-catcher was certainly Christoph Zitzmann, who re-staged the famous scene from the James Bond classic “The Spy Who Loved Me” at Spiaggia Capriccioli  instead of the water-compatible Lotus Esprit, he used his white Bugatti Veyron as a beach runabout.

The participants' base camp was the Petra Segreta Resort, an elegant five-star hotel in the wild mountains around San Pantaleo, a charming and picturesque village overlooking the Costa Smeralda. From there, after a quick detour to the emerald sea, the cars headed high up to Monte Limbara, a former NATO and US Air Force base. Remarkably the unique white snake of super cars were greeted by heavy snowdrifts as they drove their way through the dense pine forests towards the summit. The Fuori Concorso Sardinia on the Road couldn't have gotten any whiter than at that moment.

On the second day, after a trip to the old silver mining village of Argentiera, the rally headed to one of the most interesting wineries in the Gallura region: At Vigne Surrau, Vermentino, Cannonau, Carignano, Muristellu and Cabernet Sauvignon, the typical Sardinian grape varieties, are grown and processed into world-class wines. Not only are the wines themselves remarkable, the modern winery and cellars in the midst of the wild granite landscapes are also worth visiting for their architecture.

After their refreshing stop off at the winery the participants set off back towards the coast that gives the Costa Smeralda its name. At the beautiful coastal village of Castelsardo, the rally drivers marveled at the skilled artisans and fishermen weaving their typical creel reed baskets that are traditionally used for catching eel and lobster – a good reminder that craftsmanship and culinary indulgence are never far away on the island of Sardinia. And as the tour came to a finish, the sea and sky were as azure as one could wish for, after a long winter of our cars being locked away in the garage. Alla salute to this successful season opener and the next adventures of Fuori Concorso on the Road.

Photos: Andrea Luzardi © 2021