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No Lamborghinis were harmed during the making of this exhibition

Last week, Classic Driver dealer and fashion label L’Art de L’Automobile held a crash-test-themed exhibition in Paris to showcase a new t-shirt. But rather than choosing a worthless hatchback to take centre stage, curator Arthur Kar opted instead for a sensational Lamborghini Diablo SV…

Nothing is safe

“The idea behind the exhibition was pretty simple,” explains Arthur Kar, the founder of L’Art de L’Automobile, a dealer and fashion label breaking barriers in the collector car world. “We decided to design two t-shirts based on the theme of a crash test.” The t-shirt itself, which is limited to 150 pieces and sold both online and at The Broken Arm in Paris, depicts a pre-production Lamborghini Diablo going through the crash-testing process. “It’s just fascinating to think that no matter how beautiful, rare, or expensive, all cars have to go through this process.” Arthur promises that part two of the exhibition will feature a properly crashed car — for the time being, though, we can tell you that no Lamborghinis were harmed. 

Photos: L’Art de L’Automobile 

You can find L’Art de L’Automobile’s entire inventory listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.