The ‘Monster of Molsheim’ teases a Bugatti return to Le Mans

In creating a new concept car for the ‘Gran Turismo’ video game, Bugatti’s designers have previewed the look of the Veyron’s successor. But the ‘Monster of Molsheim’ also appears tailor-made for a return to Le Mans…

Last time a Bugatti took overall spoils at Le Mans, it had to fend off competition from Delages, Delahayes and Lagondas. During the most recent victory, in 1939, a certain Pierre Veyron was behind the wheel. With its new ‘Vision GT’ concept, Bugatti has wowed Frankfurt with a supercar that has a distinctly LMP1-like appearance, giving enthusiasts a glimmer of hope that the marque might one day return to Le Mans. In the meantime, however, they’ll have to settle for a ‘Monster of Molsheim’ lapping La Sarthe in the virtual world.

Photos: Bugatti

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