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This might be your last chance to afford an Alfa SZ

As Alfa Romeo and Zagato are bringing back 'Il Mostro', the original Alfa SZ is getting harder and harder to get. If you want to still own the brutalist limited-edition car without spending a fortune, you have to act fast.

We've been singing the praise for the Alfa Romeo SZ for years - after all, it's the ultimate Milanese sportscar and one of the only truly postmodern automobiles. The recent release of the Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato that was presented as a follow-up to the late-1980s Alfa Romeo and Zagato collaboration has now sparked the hype around 'Il Mostro', increasing demand and pushing up prices for original Alfa SZ. After all, only about 1,030 coupes and around 280 convertibles were built, making it one of the rarest Alfas of its era. 

Known internally as ES-30, the Alfa Romeo SZ was based on the mechanics of the Alfa 75, with its transaxle setup and a highly modified racing version of Giuseppe Busso’s 3.0-litre V6 engine, which could produce 210 bhp instead of the usual 170 and must have scared contemporary drivers with its wild, throaty bark. To keep it lean and light — the car’s weight was just 1.25 tons — all of the electronic traction and stability controls were dropped in favour of a challenging, borderline-dangerous handling experience. On dry tarmac, the Alfa Romeo SZ behaved like a competition car, impressing even experienced drivers with 1.1 g in cornering power. 

While well-kept Alfa SZs was traded at around 40,000 to 70,000 euros a short while ago, prices have increased rapidly, with price tags beyond 100,000 euros becoming the rule rather than the exception. Considering the interest in the Zagato-built limited-edition Alfa, we don't think the hype will stop anytime soon. So if you would like to put the original Mostro into your garage for reasonable money, these cars for sale might be your last chance

Alfa Romeo SZ currently for sale with Classic Driver