Meet DriverSource – the classic car caretakers who ‘get’ it

The folks at Classic Driver dealer DriverSource in Texas believe that we don’t ever really own classic cars, rather we play caretaker and preserve them for future generations. That’s not to say they don’t enjoy them, though – as this stunning short clip demonstrates…

Selfless-preservation society

To truly understand and grasp a classic car’s philosophy, DriverSource believes you should spend as much time with it as possible. That’s why it’ll actually delay listing a car for sale just so it can get to know it. The video also explains the other services it offers, including servicing, restoration, detailing, and climate-controlled storage. After all, if your car’s in good shape, you’re far more likely to use it as originally intended. 

Video: Driver Source

You can find DriverSource’s current inventory listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.